contained walks

Suzanne and I have started looking for ways in which  one person can walk the three poodles together. It is a question of avoiding the beach where Kayla and Maleko go into their crazy chasing games,  and looking for contained areas that are full of smells so they forget about their mad play.  This often becomes destructive and  is beyond the control of one person.

We have found one–a back country road near Encounter Studio which has very little traffic. Halls Creek Rd is an area  where the poodles can walk freely off lead:


Halls Creek Rd  is bounded by fences and, as  it has a number of kangaroo crossings,  the poodles spend their time checking things out. 

Another option is to walk a section of the Heysen Trail that is nearby Encounter Studio. I will check it out over the weekend and doing some photographic scoping as well. There must be something of interest along the bush sections of the Heysen Trail, even though most of the landscape is farmland.