field, sea, sky

I have started to walk along the back country roads looking for photographic subjects whilst  on  the afternoon poodle walks with Kayla and Maleko.  I have become tired of sitting in front of the computer screen working on the texts of The Bowden Archives book and I am looking for a break.

This is an example of my recent scoping,   from  an afternoon last week when we were walking along the road to the old Victor Harbor dump:


After the dump shifted to Goolwa the ‘no through’ road now leads to the Kings Beach Retreats. There is not much traffic during the week so it is a good back road to walk along with the standard poodles.

The road  is well fenced on both sides without there being many kangaroos in the fields, so I can concentrate on taking some scoping photos whilst they check out the roadside vegetation without being able to get through the fences.

The trouble that I’m currently experiencing is that I am not finding much in the way of photographic subject matter on these poodle walks. I am starting to find this somewhat frustrating since it means that the local Fleurieuscape project has come to a standstill.