Ari is going on 16 years of age and he has slowed down a lot. His hearing and sight are limited, he has dementia,  and he  is wobbly on his back legs.  The course of acupuncture is keeping him going as is the companionship with the younger poodles.

The morning walks have decreased in terms of the time spent we spend walking. We walk slowly along the road down to the beach, shuffling along as it were.

Ari, am, Encounter Bay

The autumn mornings before sunrise are a great time to be walking. It is soft and gentle time. There a few walkers, runners and bikers but it is pretty quiet. So we can meander and hang out amongst the rocks along the beach . We are able to just enjoy the moments together and he still enjoys having his photo taken.

I no longer take my film cameras on the morning walks. Only my digital one as there is not that much to photograph. This was an exception,  as we  haven’t had many mornings like this one:

dawn, Encounter Bay

After make our way back to the house I have breakfast on the balcony in the early morning sunshine.   Suzanne generally turns up before I’ve finished breakfast on her walk with  the two younger standard poodles –Maleko and Kayla. They have been out walking and chasing rabbits around Rosetta Head for an hour or so.

Everybody then has their breakfast on  the balcony, unless it is cloudy  with strong winds.   Once breakfast is finished Suzanne goes off to the gym and I go downstairs to the digital darkroom to work on The Bowden Archives book.

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