in training

Eventually, I am going start walking parts of the Heysen trail –eg., from Newland Head Conservation Park to Petrel Cove–and to do so with the pack that I use on the camel trek.

Bluff reserve

Most of the morning walks are now along the Esplanade Neach. They are an 60-90 minutes in length as I walk from Kent Reserve to beyond the Granite Island causeway to Bridge Point, then back along the footpath so Kayla can chase the rabbits in the sand dunes.

Along the way I photograph the various beach houses in the early morning light, as there is not much else to photograph:

19 Bridge Terrace, Victor Harbor

There are very few people out and about at sunrise–the odd runner for walker; one or two fishermen launching their boats at the town boat ramp; a group of kayakers; the occasional tradie driving past.

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