Inman River walks

These longer walks built on some earlier, more exploratory ones that I occasionally did in 2015, 2016 and 2017. This picture is one walk in late December 2015:

river gum, Inman River

These earlier walks were places that I went to just walk the poodles and I’d take a few snaps whilst walking. I didn’t go there to take photos, as I didn’t think that there was anything there that I wanted to photograph. It took several walks during 2015-2017 for me to start to change my mind and to begin to explore and walk the floodplain as a photographer.

waste water
overflow tank, SA Water

Unfortunately, I have done very little since a brief spell in 2018. I’d forgotten about it. It is not an easy subject matter to photograph compared to that along the littoral zone west of Petrel Cove.