Petrel Cove

The disappearing sand at Petrel Cove during summer and early months of autumn exposed an old rusty engine on the beach. When I first saw it, when returning from a walk with Kayla, I initially thought that the engine had been washed up by a recent storm.

buried engine

I then realised that, given the engine’s size and weight, it was more likely that it would have been thrown over the cliffs as rubbish some time prior to Petrel Cove becoming a popular tourist location. It was then covered up with sand.

We don’t hang much on Petrel Cove on either the morning or the evening poodlewalks exploring the cove. We usually walk through it on our way to and from Kings Beach Rd along the coastal rocks. This still life of shells in low light is from one of the rare occasions when Kayla and I did wander around the cove’s beach.


I usually find the granite rocks around from the western edge of Petrel Cove more interesting for macro photography than the beach, granite and rock pools in Petrel Cove.


The macro photography amongst the coastal rocks in the littoral zone west of Petrel Cove has a tendency towards abstraction.

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