at Petrel-Cove

Many of the coastal morning poodlewalks with Kayla incorporate the  return walk along the coastal  rocks  to the car park  via Petrel-Cove. Incorporating Petrel Cove  is more frequent in the early spring,  due to my  allergy to the rye grass growing along the side of the coastal path.  It irritates my eyes and causes sneezing fits.

Occasionally there is a photographer on the beach or a surfer  but more often  than not,  the  only other person in  Petrel Cove at that time of the morning is  the odd fishing man:

fisherman, Petrel Cove

Often it seem as if the fishing men  standing on the edge of the sea with their lines are meditating in nature,  and are  not overly  concerned if they don’t  catch any fish.  I can understand that as I often just sit on the rocks and watch the action of the waves. 

If  there are people are on the beach at Petrel Cove,   Kayla and I  usually  ease our way past them, before I  run up the steps from the beach to the car park.

rock, Petrel Cove

Petrel  Cove  is usually still in shadow early in the morning and it is protected from the south easterly and westerly coastal winds.  If there are other people present,   we often hang about  the beach for a bit and   I  use the time to  look around for photographic subjects that I would normally quickly walk past.

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