The sea-mist doesn’t happen that often along the southern coast of  the Fleurieu Peninsula. It happens maybe about once or twice a year,  and it can be quite localised.

The sea mist  briefly appeared early one morning  late last week on the coast:

sea mist, Petrel Cove

When I saw it I hoped  the it was thick  enough for me to photograph some of the granite rocks amongst the seamiest,  as  had happened on a previous occasion.      

However, the sea mist  had  more or less dissipated by the time Kayla and I started walking amongst the granite rocks on the  foreshore near  Dep’s Beach. The sea mist  was very localised:  it   swirled around Rosetta Head and  stayed out on the southern ocean.

sea mist, Kings Head

So I was unable to  make dark and mysterious images.