recovered archives

I have been going through my old archives from a PC that died many years ago.  The images had  been backed up on Lacie hard disc which also  crashed,  and they were eventually recovered by a  tech specialist.   The 13,000 images are all jumbled up, there are many repetitions, others are jpegs,  whilst large numbers  are corrupted and so useless.

This is one rescued image from along the coast west of Petrel Cove, and it was made around 2008 when Suzanne and I were coming down to Encounter Bay for the weekends. We  were living in Adelaide’s CBD then, and  we were both working full time.

lichen + granite

My reason for returning to these archives is to see the  images that I have made around the River Murray since 2008.  I wanted to see the relevance  of these archival images for the proposed Our Waters  project with Lars Heldmann.  

The granite + lichen image was made using 120 Kodak  film, which  was  developed and scanned by Atkins  Photo Lab.  I did not own a scanner then, nor  a digital camera,  nor Lightroom. Instagram  had not been launched. The iPhone had  been launched the previous year.  By 2009 Facebook was already on a roll to becoming the most popular  global social platform structured around  ads to rack in the cash.

I was still in the process of finding my  digital feet after my  return to photography.   I was publishing the images  on the  still  community orientated Flickr which  had been acquired by Yahoo 3-4 years earlier.

lichen + bush

All this  now  seems so long ago, even though it is just 10 years. I guess that is a long time in tech terms. Now  I am looking for a way to avoid  Adobe’s subscription model for Lightroom:–Luminar  or Affinity Photo look to offer the best options at this stage.

I was attracted by the natural beauty of the coastal granite along the foreshore  of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.   I thought it to be unrecognised and to offer lots of photographic possibilities.  That lack of recognition has changed over  the last decade, judging by the October  long weekend.