A foggy photowalk

We had a  foggy photowalk when  Heather Petty stayed with us at Encounter Bay over the weekend.  She arrived late Friday afternoon  and  returned to Adelaide  on Sunday afternoon. Encounter Bay provides  a  relaxing time away  from her work and daily routines in Adelaide. It’s time out so, to speak.

We went on a couple of  photowalks together  with the poodles along the coast over the weekend.   She joined us on the Friday afternoon,  as we slowly made our way  along the granite rocks towards Deps Beach  from Kings Beach Rd, where I had parked the Forester.

It was an enjoyable   photowalk as there  was little wind, the temperature was  pleasant and the  autumn light was soft:


The   Sunday  morning walk was notable  for its dense,  foggy conditions, which are rather unusual on the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.  The fog is  quite different to the more normal  misty, autumn mornings. 

Fog, Petty, Kayla

The tide was also very low that morning,  and so  we were able to venture amongst the rocks that would  usually  be inaccessible because of the waves sweeping across the rocks.   Kayla did her standing guard thing whilst we photographed. 

Some  sea mist came in on Saturday afternoon, but it was very light and made little difference to the photography.  In contrast, the fog on  the Sunday morning changed the atmosphere on the coast as we  walked along the Heritage Trail. 

foggy morning

The fog also changed  the way the granite rocks looked. colours were more subdued and the forms were more dramatic.

fog + granite form

The fog  lasted until the  late  morning and the day then became bright and sunny. The  temperatures increasing  during the week, followed by  a gentle  cool change with the occasional,  passing shower.

We need a lot more rain. The land  is still very dry.