a misty, autumn morning

Whilst Suzanne has been away walking the Heysen Trail in and around the Flinders Ranges with friends, I have been without internet access for 4 days. It was disconnected on Thursday. Internode , I discovered, was rebuilding the NBN gateway at Stirling because those on the NBN broadband were experiencing frequent dropout–probably due to live streaming Netflix.  Whilst I was disconnected I realised just how integral the internet is to my life.

Internode advised me this morning that they had things at their end finally up and running.  However, I still had no access. I was then on the mobile phone with Internode’s tech support for 3 hours to reconfigure the Fritzbox 7490 before studio’s  computers could access the internet. (We finally realised that the Fritzbox’s wizard was playing up and the settings in the Fritzbox modem  had to be manually configured). We are still experiencing problems connecting the Fritzbox modem and the VoIP FritzFon: a second session with tech support this afternoon failed to establish a phone connection via the Fritzbox.

After being connected this morning I quickly uploaded a couple of images into my digital gallery for the Mallee Routes project that I working on.

Whilst I was disconnected from the internet the local boat ramp car park was still being extended, mainstream newspapers continue to sack their photographers, and I continued to walk the 3 standard poodles in the morning and evening. These are autumn days on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, and the mornings can be quite spectacular:

am, Baum Rd, Waitpinga

There was heavy mist on the fields along Baum Rd on Saturday morning, and the mist hung around after sunrise. The next morning I took my film cameras with me on the early morning walk along  Baum Rd hoping for a repeat, but there there wasn’t any mist at all. Unfortunately, for me, there hasn’t been any mist since. Dam.

This is a pity because the combination of the early morning mist, sunlight changes the look of the agricultural landscape. It becomes something quite different— the harshness of a stripped, agricultural landscape softens, and the picture of the landscape becomes one more about atmospherics.

clouds + mist, Waitpinga

There have been plenty of foxes and kangaroos wandering around Baum Rd in the early morning, much to the delight of Ari and Kayla, the two young poodles. So I enjoy their delight and playtime.

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  1. No, not addicted Pavel.

    It is as integral in the sense that shopping at the local Farmers Market or at the supermarket is. If I didn’t have access to the internet via the NBN you would not be seeing and commenting on these posts. Nor would I see the interesting photos of European and Australian photographers.

    I would be quite isolated as a photographer, as I was in the 1980s in Adelaide. You address this issue here on your blog post.

  2. Because in my case I must admit I have an addiction on the online presence and on posting my photos online, which I feel the most when I not able to be online for a couple of days.

  3. Fair enough. I think that social media is more for marketing rather than seeking approval for your work. The latter is a black hole. An online presence also allows you to see what other photographers are doing and learning from them.

  4. Yes, for me it was an evolution…first I used it for approval…than I added more social media for marketing…but than it didn’t have any direction…just marketing with no actual reason…other than grow numbers which didn’t bring more satisfaction

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