a photowalk with Heather Petty

We–Kayla, Maleko and myself–went for a photowalk with Heather Petty on Saturday afternoon–the last day of September. The photowalk was our poodlewalk, as the emphasis was on taking photos rather than walking the poodles. The sun was out, there was some cloud cover, and though a cold south-westerly wind was blowing across the coast, it was pleasant conditions for photography. We did not see the white belly sea eagle, dolphins or seals.


I carried some seaweed around with me whilst we were walking amongst the rocks towards Dep’s Beach from where we had parked the Subaru Forester at Kings Beach Rd. We moved slowly as I was placing the seaweed amongst different rocks. I was able to take a number of photos.

I hid the seaweed from the children and the high tides, and returned the next day. Unfortunately, the seaweed had dried out during the day, and though I immersed it in seawater to soften it, the deep orange colour had gone. It was now dark green and it was not nearly as colourful or as useful for still life photos.

I have a couple of found objects that I move around amongst the rocks as I figure out how to photograph them:

branch +granite

Sometimes the ideas in playing around like this work.More often they don’t.