retracing old urban walks with Ari in Adelaide

Whilst Lariane Fonseca was staying with us at Encounter Bay whilst on her way back to Geelong from her Flinders Ranges trip I took the opportunity to do some research for the Adelaide Photography 1970-2000 book and to walk Adelaide’s CBD.

It was a nostalgic walk. I re-walked some of the routes that I used to do with Ari when we were living in the CBD. It was all about my memories. I even returned to some of the carparks that we used to visit and explore together:

Cordwainers Lane, Adelaide CBD

The early morning and late afternoon poodlewalks walks in the CBD with Ari are what I miss about not living in the city now. I don’t really miss anything else about living in the city.

I cannot redo these walks. Hence my nostalgia. Photographing in the city is now quite different as I am in the city inbetween the commuter hours:— I arrive around 10am and I leave about 3.30pm. The light is not good.

Bentham St, Adelaide CBD

I haven’t done that much photographing in Adelaide’s CBD since we shifted to living on the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. It is a major exercise to do this now, compared to just slipping out the backdoor and walking the streets. As I wan ttys photograph more in Adelaide more frequently than I have been doing I am going to have to plan my visits as I need to work on this project more. I have let it slip.