Our  two standard silver poodles–Maleko and Kayla–are standing-guard whilst I am absorbed in  photographing some   abstractions amongst the granite rocks within the littoral zone.  Some people were walking along the nearby clifftop path–the Heritage Trail—  in the late afternoon.

Maleko + Kayla

It is school holidays in South Australia and people are everywhere along the coast. They are walking, photographing, fishing, playing and just  hanging about on, and around,  the  local beaches.  Hence the poodles standing-guard. This activity is usually in the late  afternoon, as the early mornings around  sunrise are quiet,  with  only the locals out walking. 

The early mornings after  the recent storm that broke the heatwave are much cooler now. The  coastal winds have becoming quite chilly and I now wear  long pants  and a light jacket. The days are pleasant .

seaweed + granite

The archive of this littoral zone  project keeps on increasing from  all  the daily photos that are made on the poodlewalks.    I am starting to wonder what I am going to with them  over and above producing the Fleurieuscapes book. The book  is little more than an idea at this stage.

I really should have submitted some images  for the Fleurieu Biennale as it now includes all visual media.    I wasn’t on the mailing list  and I didn’t realise that the call for submissions had been made,  and that the  closing date for submissions  was  the end of March.

tuna head, Waitpinga

I’ve been  too busy with the Mallee Routes exhibition at  Swan Hill,  the Photoforum Members exhibition in Auckland,  and then getting the  Melbourne documentary exhibition  with Stuart Murdoch off the ground for SALA.

I only found out about the Fleurieu Biennale in nearly April. So where to now?