Rosetta Head in spring

Spring weather has arrived and the last few mornings have been sunny with minimal coastal wind. With Suzanne away in the Flinders Ranges finishing the last section of walking the Heysen Trail, my morning walks with Kayla and Maleko have been over and around Rosetta Head.

It has seen while since I have done this walk. Ari was no longer able to walk up, over, and down Rosetta Head. His last time was with Judith Crispin when she was staying with us in early 2017 to launch her Lumen Seed book at Atkins Photo Lab in Adelaide. The best that he could do after that was to slowly walk along the path on the western side of Rosetta Head.

Suzanne normally does this walk in the morning, and the poodles jumping up on the rocks at the top of Rosetta Head and surveying the lie of the land beneath is one of the rituals of their walks.

on Rosetta Head

The spring weather has meant that I no longer need to wear a coat when walking in the morning and I have been able to have my breakfast on the balcony in the sun. I have no doubt that the rains and gale force winds will return.

Unfortunately for me kangaroos and goats also walk and graze in and around Rosetta Head. The poodles quickly go into hunting mode, and I lose all control, until they return. We then continue walking together. So I have to keep a sharp look out for the kangaroos, as well as for other people walking their dogs in and around Rosetta Head, or The Bluff as it is known colloquially.

This image below is a detail of the side of Rosetta Head and the abstraction was done during the last of the winter rains, when water was running down the granite to the roadway:

Rosetta Head, detail

It was made on one of the last walks along Jetty Rd with Ari. We had to shelter at Whalers Inn and wait for the showers to pass. I had to carry him up and down the steps to access the cover provided by the restaurant’s outside dining area.