stranded in Melbourne

Things were working out fine in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Silver Mine Inc’s Unsensored11 exhibition had been hung, opened on Friday night at the Collingwood Gallery and opening night was a success. I’d seen the work at the Centre of Contemporary Photography and I was settling into urban photo exploration.

Southern Cross Station

Then my digital camera, wallet, credit cards etc, passport etc were stolen from the back of the gallery on opening night. It was a professional job. I was lucky that I still had the daily tram/train ticket in my pocket–its normally in my bag. So I was able to get back to my sister’s at Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula that night.

10 Replies to “stranded in Melbourne”

  1. I hope the authorities eventually identify and catch the offending bastard(s).
    More to the point, are you allright?
    Has anyone in Melbourne offered you assistance?

  2. Sean,
    Thanks. Well, there goes the Sony DSC R1—it was a very useful camera for me. I’m staying with my sister at Safety Beach. My other sister from Canberra is also here so that I’m okay.

    So what digital camera do I buy?

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