The light the morning brings

We would continue to walk along the Esplanade Beach towards the Granite Island causeway encountering the odd local walking their dog along the beach. Then we turn around, make our way back along the beach to the Forester at Kent Reserve, drive home and have breakfast on the balcony in the sunshine.

2 seaweeds

After a while I would become a bit bored with walks along the beach and the macro photography, and I would look for something different for both the early morning and late afternoon walks. An edge land. A walk through bush. A walk amongst coastal rocks. Or a back country road.

The problem with the bush and country road options in the hot weather is the existence of brown snakes, so this kind of territory is more or less out of bounds for the late afternoon walk with Maleko. Too dangerous. The afternoon walks amongst the coastal rocks between Kings Beach and Petrel Cove were the safest.

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