at Kings-Head and beyond

The pictures in this blog post are from an afternoon poodlewalk in 2017 initially to Kings-Head in Waitpinga,  and  then on to a rocky outcrop just west of Kings Head. The rocky outcrop  is on the Coastal Cliffs walking trail to Newland Head and, as a result,  we often meet walkers coming from Waitpinga Beach.

rockface + sunlight, Kings Head

The rocky outcrop is near the foot of the Waitpinga Cliffs,  and it is  not possible to continue walking much further around the bottom of the cliffs. The Coastal Cliff walking trail  from Waitpinga Beach  to Kings Beach is along the top of the Waitpinga cliffs.

It is fairly wild around the rocky outcrop  as the sea surges up through the crevices in  the granite rocks.  It is safer  to visit the outcrop during a  low tide and the late afternoon is best for the light.

rocky outcrop + sea, Waitpinga

In earlier posts I misnamed  the Waitpinga Cliffs—I used to call them  the Newland Cliffs. The cliff top coastal trail from Waitpinga Beach  to Kings Beach  is a part of the Heysen Trail, hence its popularity with bush walkers.

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