After the wildness of the stormy days, which  stripped the local beaches of their sand we experienced several days of humid weather and gentle misty rain. Then the cold front rolled in from the south west and the temperature dropped dramatically.

I spent my time on the morning and evening poodlewalks  exploring the nooks and crannies amongst the rocks,  looking to do   some handheld macro  photography of seaweed.  I  quickly  discovered that  the piles of seaweed that had been thrown onto the rocks by the storm  were mostly seagrass and not suitable.

seaweed +Rocks, Kings Beach

The poodles in the afternoon would spend their time look for golf balls among the granite rocks,  whilst I looked for subject matter for macro photography. We moved slowly across the rocks  on our way beyond  Kings Head finding what  shelter we could  when there was a bit of rain.  

I eventually started to  concentrate on the bits of quartz  squeezed amongst the granite rocks, west of Dep’s Beach,    rather than trying to make  still -life images. 

Quartz form, Dep’s Beach

It was the start of the school holidays and suddenly, there were more people walking along the cliff top paths,  or walking their dogs along the beaches.

Xmas, I suddenly realized,  is only 4-5 days away. The days of having the beach and the coastal rocks to ourselves are quickly coming to a close.


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