an errant meander in western Adelaide

I’ve started to include the western part of the city in our daily walks when I am in Adelaide.

It’s an area that is undergoing change due to the student living connected to the western campus of the University of South Australia, the state Labor government’s investment in a new public hospital and medical research facilities, and the new tramline along North Terrace to the Entertainment Centre. Is an old Adelaide disappearing, as a new cityscape emerges? A vision of a more vital Adelaide.

Ultratune, Adelaide

The real estate agents are talking of a boom. It’s early days. The empty lots, warehouses and workshops are going to be replaced by new housing developments. What sort? High rise? Medium rise? Will there be any concern for the street life? Will new cafe’s and bars spring up?

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  1. “Who hasn’t been compelled to [peer down dark alleyways, what do they expect to find, why isn’t the cacophony of the city enough to keep people on the main street? Is it a search driven by desire or fear, and how much of a struggle it must be for some, not to take the first tentative step into that arduous journey destination unknown?” [© Stuart Murdoch 1991]

  2. It’s the poodles ( just Ari now) who want to explore the dark alleyways off the main streets in Adelaide. The dark alleyways in Adelaide are fairly tame compared to those in Melbourne.

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