…it rained and rained in Melbourne

I was in Melbourne for four days for the photo shoot and it rained three out of the four days. Sunday was the only fine day. On Friday the temperature was 17 degrees, Sunday it was 33 degrees and on Monday it was back down to 18 degrees. On Monday it only stopped raining as I was leaving in the bus at 8.30pm.

I found the 5×4 gear (pack and tripod) heavy to lug around the CBD. I was mainly shooting large format between the showers, or before the rain started, and the bad weather meant that I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I pretty much walked to a pre-selected location, set up the Linhof, take the pictures, then move onto the next one pre-selected location.

taxi hut, King's Way, Melbourne, digital, Sony

I did a 5×4 version of this on Monday, before the wind came up and the rains swept in. It rained the rest of the day–just like Friday, the day I arrived. A large part of the time on Friday and Monday was spent on urban explorations with handheld (digital and film) cameras.

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