living with constraints

Suzanne leaves Victor Harbor today for 2 weeks or so walk to the Larapinta Trail in the western Macdonnell Ranges, and then go to explore other areas east and west of Alice Springs, such as Kings Canyon. I’ve just dropped Suzanne off at the Seaford railway station so that she can catch the train to Adelaide to stay overnight with her friend Sally, before they  both catch the Qantas flight  to  Alice Springs tomorrow morning.

My task is to look after the 3 dogs at Victor Harbor. Our walks in the morning and evening will be in limited areas in order to keep Kayla and Maleko crazy chase and play games contained and controlled. So my photography is going to very limited, unless I can find a way to do it without having the dogs in tow. I cannot do large format tripod based photography with 3 dogs racing around the place.

clouds, Encounter Bay
clouds, Encounter Bay

The best that I can do is some handheld snaps on the walk. The above picture is an example. I was  driving Ari and Kayla   to the Victor Harbor beach  for a dawn walk when I saw this view as I started to drive along Franklin Parade towards  the Victor Harbor township.  I stopped the car, took a snap, jumped back in the car, and continued driving to the township. The trouble is, not every morning is like this one.

And so it has proved to be. The morning’s walk was just a walk with Kayla and Maleko into their crazy chase and play games whilst we walked along a path near the railway track at Haborough. I didn’t dare walk cross the railway track to the beach and return to the car walking along the beach. There were too many people on the beach with well behaved little dogs.

The best that I can do is work on the computer at Encounter Studio between the morning and afternoon walks preparing for my abstraction exhibition during the SALA festival.