moments of sunshine

The poodle walks blog is now a part of my new thoughtfactory website and over time it will change from being hosted by WordPress to being hosted by my hosting company. It’s part of the consolidation of my various bodies of online work and a more professional look.

Thought Factory will continue to be slowly built over the coming months,  and I’ll provide the new url when this modest blog becomes a part of Thought Factory. I don’t want to let it die.The bog  that is the public face of Thoughtfactory is based on is the   Encounter Studio blog which will be allowed to die.

In the meantime we–Ari, Kayla and myself— have returned to the walking the beach in the early morning now that the weather has improved.

quartz am
quartz am

The rains have gone for the moment,  and there are brief moments of sun in the morning before it disappears behind the early morning cloud cover.

Do these moments of sunshine offer possibilities for large format photography I keep asking myself? Can I make them work for me given that it’s pretty hit and miss getting the early morning light right. Is it worthwhile lugging the 8×10 Cambo down to the coast from the Petrel Cove carpark?These are the questions I ask myself as I take the photo. Then we continue on with the poodlewalk and I forget all about the questions I was asking myself.I just enjoy the walk.

Looking at the picture on the screen I can see that the land has changed–the brown land has turned to green after the rains in May. So the picture will need to be made using black and white film.