The Orchid Lane cottages in the Wimmera were an ideal overnight stopover for us as they were pet friendly, we could walk Maleko and Maya around the property, and I could take some photos.

Maleko, Linhof, Wimmera dam

Now that we are back in Encounter Bay I’ve realized that there will be no early morning photos being made whilst I’m currently walking Maya. I am primarily keeping an eye on what she is doing on the poodlewalks and the areas that Maya can walk in are limited. They are mostly areas where few dogs go (until Maya has had her second round of injections at 12 weeks), and there is no dead baby carp lying around on the sandy beaches for Maya to eat. That means most of the beaches.

Maya, Whalers Beach, 15/2

Realistically, the only photos that I can make on the poodlewalks in the near future will be those when I am walking Maleko in the late afternoon. These wil only happen when the temperatures are cooler and it is overcast. With a week of hot to very hot weather forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology it is not likely that I will be doing much in the way of photographing.

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