a momentary respite

Today Adelaide had a one day respite from the heatwave. It was actually cool enough for Ari and I to be able to drift around the western part of the CBD in comfort. I was even able to do some photography in the form of making digital snaps.

Exercising, working, or even walking at a fast pace becomes difficult to sustain at temperatures above 35ᵒC. During the heat we just sought out the shade around Veale Gardens and we moved very slowly in the shade to avoid overheating and heat stress. Fortunately, the city had cooled down over night and it was no longer a heat island. So we were able to walk the city in the late afternoon for an hour and a half.


I was looking for photographic ideas to explore. In drifting around the Hindley Street part of the CBD and then city west I was wandering around in the seedy or scruffy side of Adelaide.

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