sand patterns

As mentioned on the Encounter Studio blog   when  I am on the recent  morning or afternoon poodlewalks I have started  looking for suitable subjects that would work as an image when  the  colour file made  with a digital camera is then  converted  to black and white.

The subjects have usually been  granite rocks  but of late, I am turning to  sand  patterns.   This is a recent  example:

sand, Deps Beach

The above  image   looked very ordinary in colour when I viewed it on the computer screen,  in the sense that it was  not deserving of a second  more considered look. It  look more interesting when I converted it to black and white as an experiment.  

I walk across these sand patterns most mornings on the coastal walk. I do notice them,  but they don’t look anything special photographically speaking, even with the early morning light on them.

sand patterns

I have mostly ignored them up to now, apart from the odd hand held photo with a  digital camera. Then I started wondering  how they would look when  converted to black and white.

So I have started looking down  at the sand patterns as I walked along  Deps Beach.