walking with Maya

Often she would sit and watch people walk along the path along side the Victor Harbor beach:

Sony A7 R111
Maya, Victor Harbor Beach

We would walk to the bowling green, then we turn walk back to the car along the path. We would hang out in the Causeway Cafe for a few minutes at the end. so that she could socialize with other people and dogs.

That kind of walk worked well until Easter. Then it became too busy with people holidaying with their dogs to be able continue this walk. Maya would keep dashing up to greet them and my tome was spent enticing her back to me.

So we started walking over Rosetta Head where there were fewer people. It was more contained, we could stay on the paths and we knew the early morning regulars.

Sony A7 R111
Encounter Bay, 29/03/22

The few photos that I could make on these walks were mostly seascapes.