winter mornings

With Suzanne now back in Encounter Bay and walking Kayla and Maleko in the mornings, I am able to slowly walk along the coastal path with Ari. He now struggles going up and down the steps to Depp’s Beach. He can no longer walk to Kings Head. I visit Kings Head on the afternoon walk with Kayla and Maleko and spend the time there mucking around scoping for photos.

This path is called the Heritage Trail and it links up with the Heysen Trail just before Kings Beach. These sections of both the Heritage Trail and the Heysen Trail are becoming extremely popular, especially on the weekends. It is impossible to walk along these paths with the three dogs off lead.

Heritage Trail

The winter mornings are still sunny and clear with little coastal wind. There were a few days of rain in the last week of June, the first rains this winter, but it has mostly been dry.

I have also been able to return to the beach around Kent Reserve by the mouth of the Inman River with Ari in the early morning. I was actually surprised to find the mouth of the Inman open and the river flowing into Encounter Bay.

coastal flora near Inman River

It was probably the big swells and rolling waves of the Southern Ocean that cut through the built up sand and open the mouth up. This was one of the biggest swells of the decade expected to hit the SA Coast and it was caused by an intense low pressure system.