a deserted city

Ari and I wandered around the CBD of Adelaide on Sunday morning after returning from a few days holiday in Victor Harbor. We returned to Adelaide in order  to continue cleaning and painting the townhouse before it goes on the market in mid-January.

It was an eerie experience.  We were the only ones walking the city.

Bentham St
Bentham St

Then I realized that a CBD devoid of people was the Adelaide that I knew whilst I lived in the CBD. It is only in the last couple of years that Adelaide has changed in the sense that people now walk the streets. The CBD is no longer just a space for work and shopping since people–mostly young people– have started living in the city and spending their time on the street.So Sunday morning was a deja vu experience.  Even the drunken  males roaming the streets after a Saturday night out on the town were missing. You even had to look hard to see the odd person lying  in the shadows in the alleyways.

What distinguished  the present from the past was that the cars were few and far between. Those  people  who could get away  for the Xmas break had had left the city. The city had pretty much closed down for the Xmas break.