at Goolwa Beach

Yesterday’s afternoon poodle walk was from the River Murray near Beacon 19 to Goolwa Beach along the Sir Richard Peninsula near the mouth of the Murray River and back again. I was looking for material whilst walking to and from the beach to build on the Edgelands project for a book, but there was little that was of interest.

The beach has been given over to 4 wheel drives—they more or less treated it as a roadway to cruise up and down. Presumably, this is what the 4 wheel drive crowd see as having fun.

Goolwa Beach
Goolwa Beach

It wasn’t all that pleasant walking along the beach with the 4 wheel drives whizzing past. It would have been great to have walked to the mouth of the Murray River, or to explore the sand patterns on the beach. This is very close to the very distinctive and vulnerable Coorong National Park.

 4wd Goolwa  Beach
4wd Goolwa Beach