an upbeat Adelaide?

This transformation is part of a changing mood in Adelaide — the depressing cloud that has hung over the city since the 1990s is starting to break up, even though the regional economy is subdued, precarious and vulnerable. The culture is shifting.

Quest, Adelaide

The recent change in the licensing laws has finally seen the emergence of small bar. I’ve noticed that there is a new tunnel/walkway linking Peel Street with Leigh Street, but Peel St is still pretty poor as a public space. Leigh St is now closed to through traffic and so cars are using Peel St as a shortcut from Currie to Hindley St. It is impossible to have any form of outdoor seating/dining whilst allowing this through traffic within the confines of this narrow lane. So Peel St also needs to be closed off to through traffic.

Despite the recent revitalisation it is going to be a long time before Adelaide is transformed from a ghost town to an active, vibrant 24/7 city.