photographing during the heatwave

During the recent January weekend heatwave in South Australia after our roadtrip  to,  and holiday in,  Melbourne  I ventured to  Kings Head in Waitpinga for the  afternoon walk with Maleko.

We did so to  find shade and shelter from  the  hot, burning sun. We usually  walk between  6-7pm,  and there is little by way of shade  along  the southern coast when there is no late afternoon cloud cover.

sea+granite, Kings Head

At one stage on the walk we just sat on some rocks in the shade at Kings Head  and watched the waves roll in around our feet. It was a section of rocks where the surfers jumped off into  the sea when the waves were rolling in between Kings Head and West Island. On this occasion we had the space to ourselves.   Most people either stay on Kings Beach,  or they walk over the top of Kings Head on  their way to Waitpinga Beach.    We enjoy hanging out here amongst the rocky outcrops.

It was very soothing to watch the water during the heatwave,   and then to try to  photograph the  form of the waves amongst the granite.

We  made our way amongst the rocks to the western end point of Kings Head and turned back,  because this area  was  still in the sun,  and the light was very bright and contrasty.

We moved slowly back towards Kings Beach as I was scoping the rocks in the reflected light:

coloured rock, Kings Head

The  soft, gentle light was  illuminating   the rock formations  that I would normally  have walked  right past. What I was seeing suggested that it was possible to photograph along the coast  during a heatwave at times other than in the early morning.

Will the light be like this the next time I visited Kings Head  in the late afternoon during the high summer of 2018?