the photographic + walking with Maya

An update on making photos whilst walking with Maya.

She is now between 5-6 months old and is quite comfortable walking for an hour or so with me along the coastal rocks on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. As we are on the cusp of winter in South Australia there is early morning cloud cover, the showers sweeping in from the south west are more frequent, and the coastal winds are much stronger.

Whilst we have been on these early morning walks I thought that it would be interesting to find a way to show what Maya is hearing, smelling and seeing whilst she is with me. I have no idea how to do this but I started wondering how Augmented Reality (AR) could add to these kind of walks; or alternatively what could be added using generative AI for texts written by ChatGPT, or an image using Midjourney.

A step too far for me I thought. However, there is a space for something along the lines of supplementing, augmenting, adjusting, or overlaying reality, whilst avoiding that version of AR with its overlay of digital data on top of the real world that is consumed through glasses. There is little point in the latter as few people would have the required glasses.

A video would be one way to start supplementing the still photography, as a video would offer sound and movement that would augment the still photography. I need to do more video as I am not sure about podcasts or films as is done with MAP‘s. Nor do I have the connections to collaborate with a writer like the SALT project which was commissioned by Art Walk Projects.

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