upgrading poodlewalks

I have decided to upgrade the poodlewalks blog from the free WordPress blog platform that I have been using for so long to more of a website platform with its own blog and galleries. The galleries will bring the offshoots or spinoffs from poodlewalks that are currently on various standalone Posthaven blogs–abstractions, the trees series, and the Littoral Zone. The blog will continue the traditional poodlewalks format with the website titled known as poodlewalks.

flowers, memorial

My reason is that a lot of my daily photography —outside specific projects like Mallee Routes—centres around poodlewalks. I am walking twice a day –in the morning and afternoon–with each of the walks around an hour’s duration. If the light is right, then the walks are 1.5-2 hours in duration. Often I go back and reshoot for the Fleurieuscape book and portfolio. The new format will bring all the work around poodlewalks together.

The new format, which will use a WordPress photography style theme, will bring all the work around poodlewalks together in one place, and it will be linked to my thoughtfactory website.


I started this poodlewalks blog as a bit of fun when I was living in, and walking, the CBD of Adelaide several years ago with Ari and Agtet. Since then the poodlewalks blog has established its own identity, the photography produced on the walks has outgrown the blog format, the snaps have become more professional, and books are emerging from the photos taken whilst on the walks. Hence the upgrade.

I will see Chris Dearden, my tech support, on Wednesday this week to get the upgrade rolling.