on The Bluff

Whilst Suzanne was away walking the Wilderness Trail on Kangaroo Island with her walking friends, I looked after, and walked, the two standard poodles twice a day.  That’s the daily  routine with hunting dogs.

Maleko + Kayla

These portraits of Maleko and Kayla was made whilst we were on an early morning walk up, over and down Rosetta Head  (or The Bluff). Ari had  just died a few days earlier, before Suzanne  went walking on  Kangaroo Island.

We were hanging about on the top of The Bluff having a bit of fun as it had been the first time I’d walked up Rosetta Head in the early morning for ages

This is looking  to Encounter Bay from a path that runs along the north western side of Rosetta Head.   Ari could walk along this path in his last months  as well  as  along the Encounter Bay beach,  if the tide was low.

Encounter Bay

The problem that I had on the early morning walks to the top of Rosetta Head with Kayla and Maleko was one of both  poodles chasing the wild goats and the kangaroos who were also hanging out on,  and around,  The Bluff.