Spring time: explorations

During the recent couple of days of warm, sub tropical Spring weather on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula coast I was able to go on longer, coastal poodlewalks with Kayla and Maleko as well as scoping in the various cthat I would usually walk past, and photographing in my makeshift open air studio.

One of these longer walks was a return to exploring around the mouth of the Inmam River near Kent Reserve with Kayla to re-connect with the Fleurieuscapes project that I am working on.

Inman River, Victor Harbor

I was interested in scoping a way to photograph the site of the Ramindejeri’s burial ground in the sand dunes near the Inman River’s mouth. The SA Museum states that the Ramindejeri were a local group of the Ngarrindjeri but the public information the Museum has is pretty minimal

The nooks and crannies that I started to scope on the longer walks with Maleko centred around the textures of the coast, something that I had pretty much over looked apart from the abstractions.

stone textures

I had noticed the textures before–eg., seaweed in the various rock pools– but I’d never really stopped to photograph textures as a subject matter:

melaleuca textures, Inman River

Then the cold, wet weather from the south west came and everything stopped. It was short walks away from the gusty wind to avoid getting drenched.

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