winter’s wild-seas

I spent the last few days taking advantage of the sunny mornings before I left  for Alpana Station near   Blinman, to go on  a 13 day   camel trek in the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia with Suzanne and some of  her Heysen Trail friends.


This fine weather did not last  for long. The weather turned story,  and I ended up  exploring the wild-seas amongst the coastal granite rocks  between Petrel Cove and Kings Beach.

I had damaged my left thigh when my right foot slipped  on the rocks whilst I was on a training walk with cameras  and day pack   for the camel trek. This happened along   the Waitpinga Cliffs section of the Heysen Trail when I was clambering over the rocks to toughen my feet.

stormy seas

That was the end of the training walks.    I could only hobble on a poodlewalk along the Heritage Trail, and   I basically ended up  standing in the one spot and photographing the wild-seas.

These days in mid-June were stormy ones: rain, strong south westerly winds, high tides,  and big waves  that crashed over  the  coastal granite rocks.   It was impossible  for me to walk amongst the rocks because of the coupling of high tide and  big waves.

surging waves

So by the time I left Adelaide for the camel trek I was very underdone in terms of walking fitness. With a damaged thigh I wasn’t even sure that I would be able to walk the 13 days from  near Arkaroola to Mt Hopeless.