We are in the middle of the Xmas  summer holidays and the Heritage Trail    is now extremely popular, as is the beach at Petrel Cove.   As usual  the recreational  fishermen are out in force in their hunt the oceanic wilderness beyond the Encounter Marine Park for  the Southern Bluefin tuna.  This recreational fishing is still allowed  in Australia, despite the accepted global status of Bluefin tuna as an over-fished species.

There appears  to be a lot more people holidaying  on the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula  this year. Maybe people are holidaying locally cos  the poor exchange rate for Australian  dollar  makes the overseas holiday trips too expensive?

Kayla and I have taken to walking around the empty streets of the township  at 6.30 am for our  early morning walks:

alleyway, Victor Harbor

We wander down any alleyway that we come across that would provide  some shade and protection from the wind.  The alleyways allow us  to avoid all  the runners and the bicyclists on the paths near the beach. The afternoon walk with Maleko  is more problematic  as our options are much more limited. We hang out on amongst  the coastal rocks playing around with an open air studio,  and experimenting  with still life images as much as is possible.

seaweed+granite still life

We have to keep an eye  for  people walking amongst the rocks, usually with their dogs. This  mostly works,  but it means that it  is a limited walk for Maleko.

By and large Suzanne and I  are very restricted where can go with the standard poodles on the afternoon walk,  due to all the people/families  milling around the beaches and the coast over the Xmas break.   So we are going to inland away from the township to  try and discover new places.

Tonight we will try and find some sort of  walking trail along the Hindmarsh River  north of Victor Harbor. I have a vague memory  of a   walking track   that runs between the Hindmarsh River and the McCracken development.