The severe storm that swept across  South Australia in early May,  produced  lots of sea foam amongst the granite rocks along  the coast.  These wintery conditions, which started as I was returning on the ferry from  my brief holiday at American River,     forced me to  postpone, and then cut short,  my photo-camp  at Lake Boga for the Mallee Routes project.

I had to wait for the severity of the storm to ease before we were able to walk  amongst  the coastal rocks. It was wet, the south westerly wind was gale like,  and the waves were huge as they rolled into the shore.

foam, Petrel Cove

I was able  to spend a few days on our  morning and afternoon  poodlewalks with Kayla and Maleko  photographing the ephemeral foam amongst the granite rocks.  It seems to come with winter. 

Even though I was very careful,  I was still caught out a number of times from the  waves as I was standing on the rocks photographing the foam.  I often ended up with very wet shoes, socks and trousers.

foam + granite, Petrel Cove

The foam as a pictorial object would keep changing shape due  to  the wind and the waves as I stood on the rocks  photographing it. This made the resolving  the conflicting claims of surface texture, space, volume, and pattern  in the picture  tricky.

The subject matter is too ephemeral  for large format photography in so far as I don’t know when the foam appears until I reach the coast,  the conditions when the foam is present  are rough, and the foam keeps moving  during exposure.