Kayla is still on restricted walks. Though the courses of anti-inflammatories has finished, she continues to be walked on her own both morning and afternoon to allow the ligaments around her knees to heal. I walk her in the morning and Maleko in the afternoon. Suzanne does the opposite. We are playing it safe. No rough chasing games.

This allows me time to continue to work on The Littoral Zone project. Some recent examples:– an abstraction; a rockpool granite rocks along the coast; and an open air studio images.

A portrait of Kayla at Petrel Cove:


These solo walks will change tomorrow as I am off on a photo trip to the South Australia Mallee for 5 days, and so Suzanne will have to walk both dogs together. She will need to exercise her skills to prevent them from playing their mad chasing games, or chasing kangaroos.

Both dogs wait for me whilst I do a bit of photography. A portrait of Maleko just west of Petrel Cove in the late afternoon:


So what do I do with all these photos of the coast that constitute The Littoral Zone project? Exhibitions and books are dam expensive.

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  1. Exhibitions and books are expensive that’s why I make my own books but even then the cost of inks and paper isn’t cheap, but the biggest expense is the time it takes. I do like the idea of how photography exhibitions use to be and that’s hanging the prints without framing, I saw a great example of this down at the Maritime Museum this year, and after being told by a couple of framers that often brought prints are then re framed it makes you wonder.

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