returning to Kings-Head

The first few photos on the rocky outcrop were made in low light just after sunrise, and the light conditions were beyond the capabilities of the old Sony NEX-7 that I was using as a macro camera.

The sea surged through the crevices, and over the granite rocks, often covering the ground that I was standing on. The rocks were covered in seaweed, the colours of the wet rocks were quite intense, and the gentle autumn light enriched the colours of the wet quartz.

It was quite atmospheric moment in the early morning.

However, the cloud cover soon broke up, the sun came out, and it quickly became too contrasty to photograph amongst the rocks.

As we had been gone for 1.5 hours Kayla and I made our way back to the Forester parked at Kings Beach Road. We passed a couple walking to Waitpinga Beach. The man was overweight, looked unfit and he was huffing and puffing from climbing the gentle slope over Kings Head.

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