Rosetta Head, Victor Harbor

After returning from the Wellington trip the early morning poodle walks in Victor Harbor have been around Rosetta Head (The Bluff). We—Ari, Kayla and myself– have started walking on the Bluff at sunrise. This is just before 6am during the early summer months.

Encounter Bay,  6am
Encounter Bay, 6am

I’m still interested in photographing the landscape around The Bluff in the early morning light now that summer is here, and the local landscape has that dried brown look.

I didn’t take my camera on yesterday’s morning walk as it overcast with light showers. However, I did a brief ┬áscope with the digital camera on the poodlewalk this morning:

Newland Head
Newland Head

Now I just need a morning with a bit of early morning cloud cover like there was this morning.