such a bleak landscape

We were stunned at how dry, brown and bleak the South Australian landscape was when  we were driving down to  Encounter Bay from Adelaide. We had   just flown into   Adelaide from spending a couple of weeks travelling, walking and photographing in New Zealand.

It was a real shock after experiencing the greenness and  lushness of the New Zealand landscape in both the North and the South Islands.  After experiencing frequent rain, flowing streams and rivers, and  lush green bush, we  were taken back by the dryness. Hell, we thought, we live in this dry, bleak landscape.

early autumn

I had noticed the brown landscape as we flew  across Victoria and South Australia on route from  Melbourne to Adelaide,   but up close  and walking in this landscape was a shock.

Yesterday afternoon,  when I walked along the coastal  path and  the rocks on a  late afternoon  walk with Maleko, I didn’t even bother to take a camera with me.   I couldn’t see  the point.  

Whilst walking with Maleko I wondered how I could find visual poetics amongst this kind  of  harshness or bleakness.  Everything was so dusty and dirty.  The bushes along the coast looked  as if they were just hanging on.  Surely I was crazy to  even consider making  this a photographic  project.

The following morning when I was walking with Kayla along the Heritage Trail I noticed the clouds:

clouds, Bluff Reserve

My heart lifted a little.  Maybe I wasn’t that crazy after all.  Then I slowly remembered  the atmospherics and the light along this  ever-changing coast.