walking the CBD in 35-40 degree temperatures

It was a relief to return to the coast of the  southern Fleurieu Peninsula late yesterday afternoon,  after spending around 5 hours  walking the CBD  of Adelaide  in 35-40 degrees heat.

I had taken the Subaru Outback into the West Terrace Jarvis   in Adelaide   for its regular service.    Walking the city and photographing it  with the new Sony A7r111 seemed like a good way to fill in time until I could  pick up  the car. I could then see how Adelaide had changed from when I had  lived there.

Adelaide  was on the cusp of change as we were living –becoming a post-industrial city. The urban life was more vibrant.

So I  walked around the CBD  from 8am to 1pm. However, I struggled in the summer heat and gave up the photography after walking around the  new medical precinct  along  the western part  of North Terrace.

Eventually I packed walking the city in  for some air conditioned comfort. I ended up  at the Flinders University City Gallery, and relaxed by  looking at the impressive  Helen Read Collection of Aboriginal art from the top end of Australia.

Then it was a long, slow  walk back in the heat of the city to Jarvis near the South/West Terrace corner of the CBD. I was in the midst of a heatwave. 

It was around 8-10 degrees cooler on my  return to  the coast at Encounter Bay.   When I walking Maleko between 6.30-8 pm there was  a  very welcome south-westerly wind blowing.

clouds, Petrel Cove

The temperature was very pleasant  to walk in,  and it was enjoyable hanging about on the coastal path  looking at  the cloud formations.