The very changeable, early  summer  weather that we have been experiencing at Encounter Bay in South Australia,   has meant that there  has  been some good clouds along the coast.  We have had hot  days, cold days, sunshine, rain, lots of gusty wind from the south-west, calm days and striking  cloud formations:

storm clouds, Petrel Cove

We have been walking along the coast, rather than the Bluff, and we’ve  often we’ve been caught in the wet weather  whilst walking in the morning and the evening,  and I have had to find whatever shelter amongst the rocks that I could until the quickly moving squall  had passed. 

During the changeable  weather dolphins have been cruising the sea  close to the shore, kites hover on the fields close the cliffs,  Pacific Gulls soar in the strong winds and the sand is slowly disappearing from Dep’s Beach.

People have been surfing at Petrel Cove when there has been rolling waves;  running along the heritage trail;   and walking their dogs amongst the rocks. A group of  Indians have been flying drones in and around Petrel Cove.

One  hovered above me whilst I have been doing the odd still life on the rocks below . It  was a very noisy  UAV fitted out with a DSLR camera that hovered above me and Maleko one afternoon. It felt like an intrusion and it annoyed me.

seaweed + granite 

I do understand that  drone photography is fast becoming  the new form of aerial photography.   Presumably, this is  because the cost of  hiring fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter is expensive, and no doubt there will be a boom and drone photography will carve out its own niche. 

The overcast mornings with the  soft,  light meant that Kayla and I have often been out walking for around 2 hours or so–from 6.15am  to 8.15am.  Then it’s home for an enjoyable breakfast with Suzanne.   After breakfast , Suzanne  goes to the gym,  and I go and sit in front of the computer to continue building  up the   galleries  on poodlewalks—eg.,  the archive  and the black and white   ones.

The early morning,   lighting conditions  are  similar to what I experienced in winter, only  I did not need to wear a warm, rainproof jacket. The overcast, stormy conditions have provided the opportunity,    space and  time to explore  some different types of photography along the coast.