wet weather

Cold, wet weather  that came in from the south-west replaced the few days of hot weather after my Sonex  flight along the coast of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula earlier in the week.   The temperature is  now roughly half of what it was  during that hot spell.

Suzanne and I got very wet on a couple of occasions on our walks  — we were caught in the fast moving rain  that swept in from the southern ocean whilst  out walking with the poodles.

granite, quartz, sea

There is little shelter along  the coast west of Petrel Cove.  On an afternoon walk  Maleko and I had  little choice but to continue  walking and  to get wet in the process.  At least it was not as cold as it would have been  in winter.

I tend to stay away from the coastal walks  when the south westerly wind is blowing around 40-50 km/h,   and I just wait  for  the winds  to ease. The seas are too rough to hang about amongst  the rocks.

stones, Petrel Cove

I try and avoid the gusty  south westerly wind by  either walking  around the town of Victor Harbor,   or walking those  back country roads that can provide some shelter from the wind.

Ocean Street, which is the main street  of Victor Harbor,  looks very bleak on  these windy, rainy days. It does not look like a coastal playground at all. The fact that many of the shops along Ocean Street are empty, despite the upgrades to the city scape of this precinct  by the Council, just  adds to the desolate look of this coastal town.

The wet weather is slowly passing.  Though the southwesterly wind is still very gusty,  the steady rain has stopped,  the sun occasionally appears from behind the overcast skies,  and there are now  only a few passing showers.